Artificial Green Wall Plant – Monstera Deliciosa

In part 3 of our 4-part blog series on how plants inspire us, we explore the Monstera Deliciosa.

From haute couture gowns to cushion covers to wallpapers, this monster sensation of a plant has been hard to ignore.

We’re talking about the Monstera Deliciosa plant, commonly known as Monstera, or Swiss Cheese Plant.

Monstera Deliciosa Plant

Monstera Deliciosa Plant

This plant, with its unmistakeable splits in the leaves, originated from tropical South Americas and has been going places.

Because of its evergreen properties, it was previously commonly used as an indoor houseplant.

Monstera is thought to have evolved to have cuts in its leaves to survive in tropical rainforest storms. The cuts also allow sunlight to penetrate to the lower parts of the typically dense tropical rainforest floors.

Artificial Green Wall featuring Monstera

Artificial Green Wall featuring Monstera

It seems that this evolution has helped to immortalize it further in recent years as many designers took deeper interest in it and immortalized it in art, clothes and home décor.

With its sturdy stem and waxy, glossy leaves, the Monstera caught our eye and we wanted to include it in our artificial green wall plant selection.

The mature Monstera plant grows up to 20 meters high, and its leaves and stalks are poisonous when eaten.

So while people appreciate the beauty of this magnificent plant, not many homes, offices or cafes have the space to plant the Monstera, or can run the risk of children mistakenly eating the poisonous leaves or stalks.

This made it the perfect candidate for GreenTurf’s artificial plant selection.

We worked with our factory to create the Monstera in a single leaf and bunch forms. This gives us lots of flexibility when creating artificial vertical gardens.

Here are the plants in action at a building in Singapore.

Monstera adding interest to this artificial green wall

Monstera adding interest to this artificial green wall

As we truly wanted to give designers and architects the ability to create green garden walls anywhere, we infused the plant with UV stabilizers and made it strong enough for the outdoors. The colours won’t fade easily, and the material used to make the Monstera plant stays true to original state.

Today, you can design a vertical green garden wall with these artificial Monstera plants anywhere you want. Talk to a GreenTurf Technical Specialist to bring your imagination to life!

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