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Our urban environments expose us to pollution and high noise levels all year round. Introducing greenery through Biophilic design brings a soothing and calming environment to circumvent that. However, you might have concerns about maintaining a live plant wall. For some of you, you might prefer a different option to artificial plants that looks and feels more realistic.

In line with our philosophy to bring nature into built environments, we bring to you preserved moss and plant solutions. These solutions allow you to build green walls in your living or commercial spaces to induce the visual benefits of Biophilia.

With its hyper-realistic feel and opportunity for creativity, preserved moss walls and other plants are creating a big impact in design and decor, with many designers and architects increasingly incorporating them into their overall design.


Green Art Restoration
Therapies (A.R.T.)

Our premium preserved moss and green-leaved plants are the closest you can get to live plants. Every piece of preserved plant features two key components to maximise your positive biophilic experience:  

Preserved moss and preserved plants


Our preserved plants are crafted from live plants and are premium materials that can be crafted for the closest experience you can get to real plants.

Preserved moss wall


GreenTurf's preserved plant walls offers a uniform, fresh look all year that brightens up anywhere you choose to install it, from home patios or gardens.

What is Preserved Moss Wall and Plant Wall?

Moss and plants are embalmed real plants to maintain their appearance for a longer duration compared to live plants. The preserved moss and green-leaved plants look and feel like living plants to touch, which some prefer over artificial plants. The use of preserved moss and plant for your green wall gives you the feeling of being with natural elements.

This makes a great alternative to living walls which can be cumbersome when it comes to maintenance. Now you can do without the presence of bugs or fussy irrigation that happens with living walls!

Preserved moss

Benefits of Preserved Moss Wall and Preserved Green Wall

Read on to find out how Green Turf can bring nature into your spaces!

Preserved Moss and Other Plants Selection for your Green Walls


Selection of the montH –

Product name

The selection of available plant species is updated from month to month. Check back here as we will update available preserved greenery regularly.

We have a unique range of preserved moss and green-leaved plants. Do note that these plants are created from pre-grown living plants and hence availability is seasonal. They are not manufactured and every batch is uniquely created by Mother Nature.

Customised colours for preserved moss is available upon request.

Like what you see? Contact us to get hold of the uniquely available plant species.

SolutionTo Living Walls

SolutionTo Living Walls

At Green Turf, we offer you turnkey solutions for your greenery needs. When you work with us, you get an experienced team taking you through the process to create your alternative living wall, bringing you from in-house design customisation to in-house installation, giving you access to inventory for quick turnaround and also after-sales service for maintenance.

Staff pantry preserved moss wall
Bespoke biophilic design

Bespoke BiophIlic Design

If you require, customised shapes and designs are also available. We kickstart with a 2m x 1.5m basic canvas to creatively build a moss wall.

Our in-house biophilic designer, Gertrude Wong, carefully designs and plans each greening project. She obsesses over the types of plants used for every space to ensure that they look realistic.

Our end goal is to incorporate different types of preserved plants with natural landscapes so you can maximise greenery in your living, working or social spaces, all without imposing additional maintenance burdens such as irrigation needs.


Full In-house Team

We have our very own team to work on quality control of our inventory of preserved plants. We also mitigate any possible insect infestation by making the environment not suitable for them to fester as part of our due diligence.

When it comes to installation, the construction is executed using our very own team of specialists. This is our commitment to control quality for all projects.

Full in-house team

GreenTurf: The Singapore Experts in Preserved Moss Wall and Plant Wall

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