-Nordic European Centre

TA.LE ARCHITECTS was tasked to transform a 30 year-old building into a collaborative workspace and introduce facilities fit for modern millennial office workers. In line with innovative solutions, we employed the use of our proprietary app to ease the design and decision making process.

“Designing work spaces
that are functional,
but more importantly, social.”

Nordic European Centre

Take us through what you did for this project:

Conceptualised as a modern, industrial chic working space, we first started the renovation process by redesigning the common areas and facade of the building.

The lobby layout was redesigned to increase space for communal activities, exhibitions, product launches and networking events, where you will usually find just a reception desk. Collaborative work clusters were created within the lobby areas, taking the forms of formal meeting rooms, semi-enclosed pods and open work spaces. Lastly, a coffee bar was installed to provide an informal setting where social interaction can happen.

“We wanted to create an impressive green wall that leverages on the tall height of the lobby to give a natural setting for collaborative spaces.”

The facade of the building had a U-shaped layout and an old linkway that skirted the perimeter of the building and was under-utilised. We turned this area into a garden running through the linkway that connects the drop-off point to the entrance of the building. The space is also covered by triangulated shading screens with a number of supertree workspaces equipped with power points, designed to shelter outdoor co-working groups from the weather.

“GreenTurf has a wide selection of artificial plant types allowing for a green wall layout that is highly customisable in arrangements. We loved that we had a choice of leaves right down to colour, size and shapes. The plants are also very realistic looking and high quality, allowing us to mimic the natural environment.”

Nordic European Centre
Nordic European Centre

“An instant green wall design visualisation app will help you to make better decisions for your projects.”

We employed the use of our proprietary app to ease the design and decision-making process. Instead of using sketches which can be a lengthy and cumbersome process, clients can provide a drawing of the space and use the app to design their green wall with our plant library.


How does artificial greenery fit with your design philosophy?

In keeping with TA.LE ARCHITECTS’ desire to connect to nature and the outdoors through design, we integrated the use of natural materials such as white oak and corksheet together with artificial plants. This theme was extended into the lift and the office corridors as well.

What do you feel the project speaks about designing spaces?

Given the debate over whether or not we should replace our older buildings, the Nordic European Centre stands as a shining example of how we can breathe new life into some of our more venerable buildings and make them work for the modern employee and beyond.

“We are mindful of the sustainability in our designs. The use of real green plants will subject the client to certain maintenance issues, hence it was decided to adopt artificial greenery as it has the plus point of being practically maintenance-free.”