Green A.R.T.

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Energise Your Spaces With
Attention Restoration Therapy

Energise Your Spaces With
Attention Restoration Therapy

Bring nature closer to you with our Green A.R.T., an artificial floral centrepiece steeped in a custom blend of pure essential oils that mimic Petrichor, the smell of the earth after rain. For many of us, this smell transports us to a walk amongst greenery, allowing us to relax and tap into our creative mode.

Design Your place of rest or work

Green A.R.T. is perfect in a small space where larger greenscapes are not feasible. On a side table, counter or shelf, in a retail shop, spa or at home, the beautiful arrangement energises, calms, and improves the mood of people. 

Creating that little green spot makes all the difference.

Nature.Human Nature.

Harness the mastery of an natural blend to breath new energy into spaces.

Petrichor, the blend of two powerful sources of life – water and earth – has been harnessed by the people of Kannauj village for centuries. A mixture that fulfills our innate Biophilia, a concept introduced by biologist Edward O. Wilson that expresses our natural attachment to nature. Love the smell in the air after a rainy day? Remember the scent of mountain top in your last holiday? We bet you do.

Now imagine this unique scent unveiling itself like a bouquet in the spaces you work and rest. Accompanied by a well-designed artificial floral centrepiece, we recreate an olfactory experience that improves the quality of your environment and well-being of users of the spaces.

Petrichor Aroma Diffuser



Immerse yourself in new heights in the harmony of nature and technology.

We searched deep into the rich sensorial universe of therapy to under the benefits of this intrinsic connection with nature. A 1984 research by medical researcher Roger Ulrich proves greenery helps in recovery of patients in intensive care. A study by physician Qing Li unveils the healing nature of forest bathing, the therapy of walking through the woods. Science explains that these smells from nature stimulates nerves in the nose that send impulses to the brain’s limbic system which controls heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, reduces stress levels and balances hormones.

Scent molecules consist of very potent organic plant chemicals that reduces the presence of disease, bacteria, virus and fungus in the surroundings. On the flip side, it also has immunity boosting properties that energises people within the space. Overall, creating an environment that protects and rejuvenates you.

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