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Inspired by Nature, Backed by Science.

Experience spaces and places on a higher level. GreenTurf has pioneered the next generation of multi-sensory wallscapes and landscapes that mimic natural foliage to bring nature closer to you. See, touch and smell the total transformation of your offices, retail spaces, spas, studios, homes and more.

The Freedom To Create

Without the need for sunlight or watering, our Green Therapy solutions empower architects to integrate softscapes in places previously not possible, such as underground carparks, enclosed areas and spaces under staircases.

Bespoke BiophIlic Design

Our in-house biophilic designer, Gertrude Wong, carefully designs and plans each greening project. She obsesses over the types of plants used for every space to ensure that they look realistic. 

Complementing artificial plants with natural landscapes to maximise greenery in buildings, GreenTurf partners with architects to deliver happy living spaces for people to live and work in, without imposing additional maintenance burdens.

Bespoke biophilic design

Benefits Overview


Artificial Green Wall Systems To Elevate Your Space

Vertical Garden at Gems @ Toa Payoh, Singapore

Buildings of glass and concrete dominate the skyline of Singapore, presenting an attractive, bustling cityscape. On the streets, the installation of lush plants and green belts bridge our society with nature.

Yet, as Singapore becomes more space-starved, landed gardens and greenery may be harder to incorporate into our beloved city. GreenTurf has stepped up to provide elegant vertical green solutions throughout Singapore to address this issue, fulfilling our innate biophilic nature.

Additionally, our artificial green walls provide the flexibility needed for architects and designers to overcome the limitations of natural plants and extend greenery to spaces previously not possible.

Read on to learn more about our expert green wall services.


Connecting Us to Nature

A vertical garden has become an increasingly popular way to introduce greenery into our spaces in recent years.

But why is it so important to have green around us?

A concept called biophilia: the idea that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature. Centring on experience, biophilia influences the way we perceive our surroundings, even going as far as impacting our emotions, health and overall mood when in that space.

Our artificial vertical gardens and green walls provide the same effect – giving you a little oasis in your house or workspace.

Vertical Green Wall Singapore, Akzonobel House

Bringing Nature To You

Biophilia and its proven benefits intrigue you, but a chronic lack of time, constrained living spaces, and suffocating offices define your life. There’s simply not enough time or energy left to go outdoors or to take care of live plants.

What if we told you we could bring nature to you, without all those worries hanging over your head.

Something low maintenance, space-saving, with all the biophilic benefits of nature.


Indirect Contact With Nature

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to completely submerge yourself in the forest or cultivate a garden of live plants to reap the advantages of biophilia.

GreenTurf’s artificial vertical green walls provide an excellent alternative for the average professional in Singapore. Our vertical garden solutions are extremely versatile and low maintenance, allowing you to create a green space within the hectic city life in Singapore

Our green walls can be placed almost anywhere you want, with no need for sunlight or watering.

This indirect contact with nature puts you at ease right in your everyday spaces, elevating your quality of life without having to plan regular outdoor trips amidst busy work schedules.

Vertical garden at home
Vertical garden at home

Green Art Restoration
Therapies (A.R.T.)

Our smart green wall systems are as close to live plants as possible, featuring two key components to maximise your positive biophilic experience:

High quality vertical green wall


Every green wall installation is replete with artificial plants created with high-quality materials. You can interact with your green wall, inspiring a closer connection to nature.

Realistic vertical garden


GreenTurf's artificial green realistically mimics live plants, creating aesthetically pleasing features around the home or office that require virtually no maintenance.

Benefits of GreenTurf's
Artificial Vertical Garden

Benefits of GreenTurf's
Artificial Vertical Garden

Vertical gardens & green walls


A vertical garden absorbs excess noise


Flexible green wall solutions


A variety of artificial plants for your vertical gardens


Artificial green wall that mimics nature

Nature-based Alternative

Green wall accreditation

SGBC Approved & BCA Certified

Professional team

Professional Service

GreenTurf: TheSingapore Experts
in Vertical Greenery

GreenTurf: TheSingaporeExperts
in Vertical Greenery


Project of the montH –

Suzhou Industrial Park International Business Corporation (Singapore)

A company that went out of their way to create a welcoming ambience for guests and staff. We crafted this artificial green wall for them; created planters with a cheerful mix of artificial plants; and installed these gorgeous faux palm trees at their meeting tables.

Design your green wall through a no-obligationS consultation with GreenTurF

Want a vertical garden but not sure how to incorporate a green wall in your premises? Our team can get you started on conceptualising your green wall.

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