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How will you describe the design style of this project?

We had two themes when we were designing the ANTI-OFFICE. We wanted to challenge conventional looking office spaces, such as the reception areas. We also envision the spaces that we create to be a backdrop for life to happen, creating a variety of experiences within the office that resonates deeply with the occupants of the space.

“GreenTurf probably had one of the best-looking artificial greenery that we have come across. Visitors to our office are often surprised when they learn that the plants are artificial, and I think that goes to show the quality of GreenTurf products.”

Take us through some of the considerations when designing the space!

The focal point of the central office space is a hut situated at the rear corner. We intended for it to be surreal, covered in green and makes one feel like he is transported to a forest. As there was insufficient natural day lighting, we decided to explore artificial greenery. With artificial greenery, or any artificial material that imitates nature, aesthetic and quality is very important to us. Especially with artificial turfing where foot traffic is expected, it is also important how the product feels when treading on with bare feet.

Park + Associates