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You love your pets like your own child, undoubtedly, but bringing your pet out to relieve itself can be a challenge at times. You will need to put aside your plans to walk the dog — and that is if you’re lucky enough not to get caught in a sudden rain while outside.

For pet owners who choose to use disposable pet pads, the smell from pet waste can cause a lingering odor in your home even if you clear it away immediately and is highly unsustainable due to the amount of waste created.

With these concerns, it is no wonder that our Pooch Pens are increasingly popular as an alternative for maintenance of your pet’s relief needs. No more unsightly and bulky litter boxes for cats and no more walking the dog in the rain!

For those who are running pet hotels, read on to find out how you can easily manage the needs of more than one dog under your care.

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Indoor fake grass toilet for pets

An Indoor Fake Grass Toilet For Pets

Indoor Fake grass toilet
For Pets

Easy to clean and maintain, GreenTurf Pooch Pen is the toilet alternative for pets that you’ve been waiting for. Pooch pen is a smell absorbing infill installed below artificial turf. The material used is just like the one we use for Green Turf’s very own synthetic turf.

However, one difference from regular artificial turf is that GreenTurf’s artificial grass is so realistic that your pets will not be able to tell the difference from natural grass. Did you know that most pets do not like the feel of artificial grass mats? Our Pooch Pen artificial turf is great news for grass-trained pets as they can do their daily ‘business’ on a surface that feels just like natural grass to them.

This saves you time from walking the dog when your dog has urgent needs and is especially useful for dog hotel managers or dog owners who might be pressed for time!

A Pet-Friendly Space in your Backyard

The convenience that Pooch Pen gives is a benefit that many pet owners love about our solution. Pooch Pen artificial turf can be easily installed in pet groomers centres or pet hotels. For homes, it is perfect to install within your garden.

The artificial lawn allows pets to roam around and relieve themselves, giving them a more natural environment to relieve themselves that is within the comforts of your own space.

Eco-Friendly Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass

We created this solution because we realised that regular pet pads may create a lot of environmental waste as it requires regular disposal after a single use. Pooch pen Artificial Grass was designed to be a reusable 2-in-1 solution that works as both a garden and reusable pen, giving a more sustainable and green solution.

The best part is that it feels just like natural lawns do, but without the hassle of maintenance, so your grass-trained pets can feel comfortable using the space for their “business”.

Reduce Lingering Odor

Our Pooch Pen artificial grass installations are built with a drainage system that allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.

On top of that, the infill is designed to absorb the odors from pet urine or pet waste to reduce any lingering smell. This infill can be disposed of and replaced with a new one – with GreenTurf assisting you with maintenance once every six months if required!

Why Choose
Play Time For My Safety Surfacing?

Why Choose
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Pet friendly artificial grass


Sustainable indoor toilet for pets


Synthetic grass for pets


Fake grass for pets


Learn more about Pooch Pen Pet turf through a no-obligations consultation with GreenTurf

Convenient, easy to clean and maintain. Pooch Pen will save you the hassle and let you spend more quality time with your furkids.

Start your GreenTurf journey by requesting our catalogue and we will reach out to share more.