Artificial Green Wall Plant – Dieffenbachia

In part 2 of this 4-part blog series, we explore Diffenbachia, better known as Dumb Cane.

Lush green leaves patterned with shades of cream, yellow and white, Dieffenbachia is one plant with bright sunny character that can add drama and flair to any room.

But speak its other name, Dumb Cane, and some people may run from it faster than Speedy Gonzales.

Dieffenbachia was named after the head gardener of the Botanical Gardens in Vienna and originates from Mexico.

Its bad reputation comes from the needle-like calcium oxalate crystals found within the sap of the plant. Apparently, the sap of Dumb Cane was used to torture slaves in olden days by giving them with painful, swollen mouths, and sometimes, even rendering them speechless.

Dieffenbachia in an outdoor artificial vertical garden

Fast forward to today, Dieffenbachia has morphed into a common houseplant because of its beautiful leaves. The sap remains poisonous as ever, but with more knowledge, people have learnt to handle the plant with care.

But as inspiration for our artificial plants, Dieffenbachia is great. In modern day context, Dieffenbachia seems much like a misunderstood soul. Creating artificial green walls with dieffenbachia plants is akin to giving it a chance to show its true beauty and overthrow its bad reputation.

Outdoor Artificial Green Wall by GreenTurf using Boston Fern

Outdoor Artificial Green Wall by GreenTurf using Boston Fern

Its multi-toned leaves make it ever so lively. As the leaves come in various sizes, they further make our vertical garden wall designs more dynamic and realistic.

These Dieffenbachia artificial plants are formulated for the outdoors and we used them to clad some building facades, to great effect.

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