What Is Preserved Moss?

Preserved moss

Moss walls have bloomed in popularity due to their chic decorative purposes in interior décor.

You may have seen them in high-end hotels, restaurants, shopping malls or luxury spas. It’s also common to use preserved moss to spell out simple inscriptions.

Moss installations are an easy way to incorporate biophilic design in your home or office. It allows you to express your creativity and liven up the surroundings in a trendy yet classy way.

But what exactly is a preserved moss wall? How is it achieved?

Keep on reading to learn more about moss walls and why you need one!

What is Preserved Moss?

Building a preserved moss wall actually begins with live moss, unlike artificial plants.

Real moss is sustainably collected from lush forest floors before going through a specific preservation process.

To preserve moss, the water content is removed and replaced by a chemical agent, usually a methyl hydrate and glycerin solution. Glycerol is a non-toxic polyol component that helps the moss retain its plushness and texture.

As a result, the natural moss remains in its current state indefinitely, never growing or dying.

The moss is then dyed with a natural dye to give it the appropriate colour, which is usually a natural green to mimic the vibrant colors of the wild.

The preservation technique ensures that the moss remains vibrant, soft, and low-maintenance for the rest of its life. Perfect for a moss wall!

Do note that moss walls maintain their maximum aesthetics and longevity when placed indoors, away from direct sunlight.

You also need to ensure that your moss wall is made with chemically preserved moss instead of dried moss. Dried moss is crisp, turns brown swiftly, and eventually disintegrates.

Types of Preserved Moss

Reindeer Moss

Reindeer moss is actually a type of lichen that develops in polar environments, not moss!

It’s called reindeer moss because reindeer and similar species in the arctic landscapes of Iceland and Norway love munching on these lichens.

Reindeer moss can be easily identified by its bushy, spongelike texture. Off-white hues of reindeer moss also occur naturally. This makes it easy to be dyed a number of brilliant hues during our preservation process, such as blue or turquoise.

They let us decorate your space with a bright pop of colour.

Sheet Moss

Sheet moss, forest moss, flat moss, and carpet moss.

All of these terms refer to a specific type of preserved moss that can cover a big area quickly. It forms a sheet-like layer over rocks and dirt as it grows. As such, sheet moss features a green marbled hue with a flat surface that’s full of texture.

We frequently utilise the moss as a backdrop for our other mosses to elevate the beauty of the overall project. It’s also useful for wrapping words and phrases.

When your space needs to be greened up, this is the ideal solution!

Pole Moss

Pole moss has a vivid, vibrant green colour and grows in a fluffy, circular cushion-like mass. That’s why it’s also known as bun moss and pillow moss.

Pole moss has a unique high-end quality that will give your room a fresh, textural appeal. Pole moss gives your moss wall a whole new dimension.

Their tuftiness has a natural depth to it that may change a flat design into one that uses light and shadow to create the idea of a larger environment.

It’s especially breathtaking in large moss wall installations.

Why Should I Get a Moss Wall?

Maintenance Free

As preserved moss is no longer alive, they don’t need to be watered or trimmed on a regular basis. This makes it ideal for indoor spaces as there’s no need for irrigation systems.

Insects and other pests will not be a problem either as the plant does not have any organic ingredients for them to eat. However, it should be cleaned every now and then to remove any dust or spider webs.

That said, you should have your moss installation checked out once a year.

This allows you to touch up any moss that has fallen. You’ll also have the option to replace some parts of your wall with new varieties of preserved moss as we update our catalogue.

Biophilic Benefits

Research has conclusively established that people tend to be more efficient at work when there is natural greenery in the immediate vicinity.

Clear benefits include

  • enhanced productivity and creativity

  • sharper focus

  • reduced stress levels

  • better physical and mental wellbeing

Customization and Personalization

Being lightweight, preserved moss does not require heavy or cumbersome support infrastructure. Thus, you can customise a moss wall to your exact liking.

Our designers carefully plan each greening project to suit your needs and space.

Our end goal is to incorporate different types of preserved plants with natural landscapes so you can maximise greenery in your living, working or social spaces, all without imposing additional maintenance burdens.

Natural Soundproofing

Moss walls can be helpful in cancelling noise.

The vegetation blocks high-frequency sound waves while reducing low-frequency noise, effectively lowering the decibel level and promoting tranquillity in the room.

Customise Your Preserved Moss Wall with Green Turf

At Green Turf, we offer you innovative solutions for your greenery needs.

When you work with us, you get an experienced team that takes you through the entire wall building process, from in-house design customisation to in-house installation.

We also provide stellar service, giving you access to inventory for quick turnaround and also after-sales service for maintenance.

Start your GreenTurf journey by requesting our preserved moss catalogue and we will reach out to share more.

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