Cool earth greens roofs and saves energy at the same time.

By itself, artificial turf is now commonly used on roofs to provide high rise greenery and social spaces to building dwellers.

GreenTurf Cool Earth takes it one step further by adding cooling functions to artificial turf. This system leverages on the no-maintenance, lightweight and cost-effective attributes of artificial turf to extend and maximise the benefits in cooling and energy savings to the entire roof of the building.

What is the GreenTurf Cool Earth Artificial Turf Cooling System?

GreenTurf Cool Earth is a proprietary mix of moisture absorbing materials that are laid on artificial turf to retain moisture after rainfall. The moisture is retained over extended periods and cools buildings down up to 48 hours after rainfall. GreenTurf Cool Earth retains moisture inside the materials and does not result in open bodies of water which may become mosquito breeding hazards.

GreenTurf Cool Earth Artificial Turf Cooling System uses rain as the sustainable agent to cool buildings.

Historically, people have used water fountains and cascading flows to cool our living space. This form cooling, known as indirect evaporative cooling, is similar to the way how sweat evaporates from our skin to cool us down. Indirect evaporative cooling refers to the evaporation of water from a building to cool the building down. This way, less energy is needed to cool the living space inside the building.

Passive design is design that takes advantage of the climate to maintain a comfortable temperature for building dwellers. GreenTurf Cool Earth artificial turf system uses rain as the sustainable agent to cool buildings. It insulates buildings from direct radiative heat and cools buildings through indirect evaporative cooling. GreenTurf Cool Earth System doesn’t require additional processes or energy to operate. It is designed for minimal or no maintenance and gives tangible energy savings.