Making Artificial Turf Cool with Cool Earth

Making Artificial Turf Cool With Cool Earth

We make artificial turf cool, quite literally.

 Artificial turf that cools its surroundings

We recently completed a project for this school where we used our proprietary cooling mix, COOL EARTH, with artificial turf, to bring down the temperature of the surrounding by up to 2 degrees Celsius.

How does Cool Earth Work?

Just like how our sweat evaporates to cool our body, rain cools a place down similarly. This is called indirect evaporative cooling.

While we were dreaming of ways to make our products serve you better, we just marveled at the beauty of using rain to cool places down. Because the best form of design uses whatever nature hands us, requires us to do virtually NOTHING, and yet achieves our objectives.

So how about if we were to harness rain to cool buildings down naturally. That would be Passive Design at its best.

Cool Earth in Artificial Turf Cool Earth in Artificial Turf

So that led to the development of Cool Earth. This proprietary mix that we call Cool Earth, retains moisture after rainfall for up to 48 hours. It then releases moisture gradually and cools the artificial grass surface, resulting in a lower surrounding temperature.

Can I Incorporate Cool Earth in my Existing Artificial Turf?

The best part about Cool Earth is that it’s really easy to set up. Whether you have an existing area with artificial turf, or you want to install artificial turf with Cool Earth, we can implement that for you without worrying about the weight loading on buildings.

Cross section of an artificial turf installation with Cool Earth Cross section of an artificial turf installation with Cool Earth

What are the Benefits of Cool Earth?

With urbanization being a reality, there are just more buildings than green spaces. The result is a much hotter environment. Using air conditioners to cool indoor spaces results in a comfortable indoor space but a more and more unbearable outdoor environment, not to mention sky-rocketing utilities bills.

GreenTurf Cool Earth making the environment more comfortable for the students here GreenTurf Cool Earth making the environment more comfortable for the students here

Cool Earth helps to relief some of that by cooling spaces down without using any energy. After incorporating Cool Earth in the turf, nothing else needs to be done. All is then left to the rain to bring down the ambient temperature.

You can experience lower utilities bills, and more comfortable surroundings. In the case of this school, the students get to study in a cooler environment. This helps with their concentration and helps them learn better. The school can rest assured that utilities bills are not heading north. As for us, we get the satisfaction that our work is helping to serve people without harming Mother Nature.

To find out more about incorporating GreenTurf Cool Earth in your artificial turf, email us at or Contact Us for a no-obligations discussion today, we’d love to help!

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