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Modern Outdoor Wall Covering

Artificial green walls or vertical gardens are a great way to soften the external facades of buildings.

Artificial green walls with lights
Making Magic with Artificial Green Walls

If you’re trying to create an entrance that guests will remember, this is it. Walking under these beautiful plants with sparkling fairy lights, you’re bound to be transported to your Wonderland.

Willow Header
Artificial Green Wall Plant – Willow

Seldom has a plant inspired both eastern and western landscape as the Willow has. From The Wind in the Willows to the more recent Whomping Willow in Harry Potter, the willow is entrenched deeply in English literature.

Monstera Header
Artificial Green Wall Plant – Monstera Deliciosa

From haute couture gowns to cushion covers to wallpapers, this monster sensation of a plant has been hard to ignore.
We’re talking about the Monstera Deliciosa plant, commonly known as Monstera, or Swiss Cheese Plant.

Dieffenbachia Header
Artificial Green Wall Plant – Dieffenbachia

Lush green leaves patterned with shades of cream, yellow and white, Dieffenbachia is one plant with bright sunny character that can add drama and flair to any room.