How to Choose Synthetic Grass: Top Features to Look Out For

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Artificial grass is an excellent method to save time, money, and water. It’s been proven that an artificial lawn requires much less upkeep and care than natural grass.

However, many different products are available, which might make it difficult for you to decide which is ideal. This is before you even consider important factors like the right materials, pricing and installation process!

Not to worry!

This article will enlighten you on a few things you must consider before investing in a brand of synthetic grass.

Do you want to know how to get the best artificial grass worth every penny? Then, keep reading!

Research Before Purchasing

Before purchasing synthetic grass products, you should research the various companies that offer synthetic grass.

After doing so, make sure to feel the texture of the grass first to decide which is the best quality grass for you. You might feel that some are too hard and some are too soft.

It’s essential to make sure that you like the texture before investing in artificial grass.

To do this, you can request free samples from artificial lawn companies that can be picked up from their store or sent directly to your house.

Most companies will give you a sample free of charge, so you don’t have to spend any money while deciding!

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Another vital aspect of buying artificial turf is to check for details on the guarantee of the product.

You can access this by checking out the supplier’s website. For GreenTurf, outdoor applications of artificial lawns have a warranty of 3 – 5 years.

Additionally, you should read through customer reviews of the product to gauge if it’s good or not from people who have purchased it for themselves.

Installation Process

If you can install a synthetic turf on your own, consider a “purchase only” option to save your money on the installation fee.

However, you should also keep in mind that artificial grass installation might not be as easy as it seems.

So if you’re not an expert, you should leave it to the professionals so that your artificial lawn can look as perfect as possible.

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Features of High-Quality Artificial Grass

After going through the research stage, choosing artificial grass is the next step! If you’re unsure how to recognise high-quality artificial grass, here’s a brief guideline for you!

Resemblance to natural grass

The best fake grasses should have a natural look that resembles real grass as much as possible.

For example, our artificial grasses have a genuine-appearing finish rather than an obviously plastic-looking one.

You can observe this specifically from the grass blade structure, which should look dense and lush rather than patchy and shiny

Longer grass blade length on your artificial lawn is also a feature you might want to look out for if you want your lawn to feel like real grass.

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A pleasant, silky texture on the skin

The best artificial grass typically has a grass texture that is soft enough for contact with skin. This is particularly important if you have children since their skin is more sensitive to rough surfaces.

The plastic fibre or synthetic yarns used in your artificial grass should not feel scratchy or pointy.

Beyond causing skin irritation, a plasticky, rough texture is a dead giveaway that your greenscape is not real turf.

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Underlay and padding

An underlay or cushioning is advantageous to give the grass a uniform finish on uneven areas and soils.

Additionally, underlay will make the synthetic turf considerably safer for kids to fall on, especially if you plan to overlay the artificial lawn on a hard surface such as concrete or wooden floors.

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High-grade drainage systems

Real grass typically absorbs water and drains it through its roots, but fake grass drains water differently.

An efficient drainage system is crucial for synthetic turf because if the fake grass doesn’t drain water effectively, then there is a possibility that water might pool on top of it, which can harbour all types of impurities and health risks.

GreenTurf has optimised our fake turf so efficiently that you can use our artificial grass for dogs and other pets!

Check out our Pooch Pen artificial grass solution.

Indoor fake grass toilet for pets

Personal Preferences For Your Synthetic Grass

No matter what you choose, ultimately, artificial grass is quite affordable and more cost-effective.

But as mentioned before, you should always purchase the highest quality of artificial grass you can.

Choosing synthetic grass that is suitable for your lifestyle should be a priority for you since, at the end of the day, that synthetic turf will be placed in your space!

Lifestyle Practices

Lifestyle Practices

Consider how you will use the fake grass and what your lifestyle entails for your artificial turf.

For example, if you/your family enjoy doing sports, you might want fake turf that can endure heavy foot traffic and rough usage without turning patchy and uneven.

If you have a family, you will want your grass to be pet or child-friendly.

Planning to place your artificial grass in an outdoor space?

You will need to ensure that the fake turf does not trap too much heat, especially with Singapore’s hot weather. It’s best if your artificial grass has cooling properties, like our Cool Earth Turf System!

Individual Design Preference

If you’re feeling creative on the type of artificial lawn design you want, you can select either one colour or create a multi-tone effect.

Your garden will have a more natural appearance if you incorporate various grass lengths and multiple shades of realistic colours, providing depth to the overall appearance.

But if you want to throw all pretence to the wind, you can also opt for bright, unnatural colours and create your own artistic artificial grass DIY project!

That’s certainly something a real lawn can’t do.

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Purchase Your Artificial Grass From GreenTurf!

We understand that investing in fake grass might be challenging, but GreenTurf is here to make your life easier!

Our company is dedicated to making your dream lawn a reality, and our premium artificial grass solutions are highly adaptable that require minimal maintenance.

GreenTurf’s high-quality artificial grass is perfect for any setting, whether for your office, home or the outdoors!

Request a free sample of our premium artificial grass today!

Contact us now to know more!

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