Fake Grass Patch Maintenance: How to Clean Artificial Grass on Balcony

clean artificial grass small balcony

Do you own a beautiful lush green balcony that you love spending time relaxing your stressed self? Or do you want to create your personal green oasis but are worried about maintaining the artificial turf?

Fear not; in this article, you’ll find all the solutions you need to ensure the tip-top condition of your dream balcony!

While engineering your personal garden requires a lot of effort and creativity, rest assured that maintaining an artificial turf doesn’t need much attention. In fact, the cleaning can be done once a week or biweekly, just to ensure there is no accumulated dirt.

GreenTurf Asia's artificial grass is extremely low maintenance and doesn't require mowing or watering to keep it looking evergreen.

Without the necessary pruning or watering, our artificial turf is both durable and realistic. You can even install artificial grass in a wet area such as a swimming pool, as it is designed for both home and commercial applications.

Some ideas for simple maintenance that you can do by yourself:

If you’re a pet owner and you’re afraid of your pet having an incident on those artificial grass, GreenTurf Asia has got you covered!

Our fake grass is a 100% replica of natural grass that comes with a built-in drainage cell system. You can wash the artificial grass with a bucket of water or a pipe without waterlogging.

Once the carpet is dried, you can get a bottle of fragrance or mild soapy solution to spray over the entire surface.

When you own such an aesthetically pleasing outdoor view, you would definitely want to host a party to show your personal Gardens by the Bay to your friends and family.

Now, what if a guest accidentally spills some wine or coffee on your grass and creates a stain?

Simply get a spray bottle with a mix of water and vinegar or mild soap and water, and you will have your fresh-looking artificial turf back in no time!

Our clients usually install our artificial grass to create a real nature replica for patios, gardens, balconies and roof terraces. As such, it is inevitable that there will be dry leaves, dust and waste such as papers lying on the grass.

There are a couple of tools you can use:

  • Use a rake or air blower to collect all the leaves and papers

  • Alternatively, pick a stiff broom that doesn’t have steel bristles to avoid damaging the grass fibres

  • To remove dust, use a vacuum cleaner but make sure that the grass is dry and the area is not filled with sand!

Due to the location, the constant foot traffic on artificial turf will surely result in some of the areas being crushed and losing their charm.

Therefore, perform periodic maintenance using a brush or a hard broom to straighten the crushed areas. Spray some mild soapy solution or clear water as finishing touches.

For owners with children, take note to choose an artificial grass carpet that is safe for kids!

Make sure that it is fire-rated with the necessary FSSD requirements and has a high-rated shock absorbency. GreenTurf Asia’s artificial grass fulfils the condition with an additional feature of being free of hazardous materials.

Periodic turf cleaning removing leaves and debris from turf balcony

Afraid of forgetting some important maintenance steps? Get professional service for help!

Professional maintenance

Professional maintenance helps in certain areas such as:

  • filling up gaps between uneven grass blades

  • tightening the edges to make it tight

  • anti-bacteria measures via safe chemicals to keep the artificial turf free of insects and bacteria

If you wish to extend the lifespan of your artificial grass and keep the realistic springy feel for a longer time, a professional care routine is the way to go!

So, what are you waiting for?

Hit up GreenTurf Asia for their premium quality artificial grass carpet for the maximum positive biophilic experience!

Our synthetic grass is created with high-quality material (lifespan of 4-7 years) that gives a fresh look to anywhere you choose to install it. Additionally, our artificial grass has a sunlight resistance with a 2,500 UV exposure rating to prevent discolouration.

GreenTurf Asia strives to create the perfect blend of artificial grass and natural flora to guarantee your satisfaction. Hence, we have a professional team of in-house biophilic designers with an established track record just for you!

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