What are the Benefits of Fake Grass for Pets?

artificial grass for dogs

You may find it difficult to maintain grass that looks lush and green if you have pets. This is because pet owners have to deal with so much, from animal litter to stains and digging damage.

Yet having a secure, comfortable space for your pets to run around and play is clearly very vital, and our Pooch Pen artificial grass provides the ideal answer!

Our artificial turf is fantastic for pets and there are a few essential features of synthetic turf that make it even better than real grass!

Want to know what the advantages of having fake grass for pets are? Keep scrolling!

1. Just As Good as the Real Deal

Many premium artificial lawn grass are so high in quality that most of the time, nobody can tell the difference! Not even a hypersensitive pet.

The grass blades, texture and look of it all look incredibly similar to natural grass, without the fuss of it!

Our Pooch Pen artificial turf is excellent news for grass-trained pets as they can do their daily ‘business’ on a surface that feels just like natural grass.

Installing our Pooch Pen artificial grass is also more convenient than planting real grass!

Many cat and dog owners love our solution as our artificial grass can be easily installed anywhere and doubles as a beautiful evergreen garden.

2. No Harmful Chemicals

clean artificial grass

Pets are curious creatures. They tend to consume something they shouldn’t, which worries pet owners.

Sometimes, harmful lawn chemicals are needed to maintain real grass.

Maintaining a real lawn takes time and work, not to mention the cost of fertilisers, growth regulators, and pest control supplies like pesticides and weed killers.

These toxic chemicals tend to stay on the grass blades and will attach to your dog’s coat, entering its nasal passages when it rolls in the grass.

Luckily, with artificial grass, dogs may play on it all year long! That’s because our artificial grass does not need any ongoing upkeep or special materials to keep the fresh look, unlike natural grass.

3. Robust and resilient

After it rains, dogs like rolling in the grass and getting coated in mud, which subsequently gets on your carpet and furnishings.

Some pets like digging, turning natural grass into a muddy, uneven mess. With artificial turf, that will no longer be a problem!

Our pet-friendly artificial grass features a unique drainage system that lets water seep through to the soil underneath.

It gets rid of the muddy aftermath of a downpour and keeps your dog clean while it plays or goes potty.

4. Put an end to pests

Fleas, ticks, and ants are just a few critters that live in real grass.

As your pet rolls in the grass, these insects bite and attach themselves to your furry friend. When your dog returns inside, they may infest your home and harm your family

With an artificial lawn, you can have a pest-free lawn and fewer worries about flea and tick infestations!

Pests cannot flourish in artificial grass and will avoid it in favour of real grass.

5. Easy to Maintain

One of the best things about synthetic grass is how little maintenance it needs—just a simple brushing and maybe wiping now and then—so you’ll have more time to spend in your yard with your dogs.

The fact that you don’t have to be concerned about stains or discolouration when your pet relieves itself is another significant benefit of artificial grass for pet owners.

With these concerns, it is no wonder that our Pooch Pens have become increasingly popular as an alternative for maintenance of your pet’s relief needs.

No more unsightly and bulky litter boxes for cats and no more walking the dog in the rain!

6. Simple to Clean

installing artificial grass

Our Pooch Pen artificial grass installations are built with a drainage system that allows easy cleaning and maintenance.

On top of that, the infill is designed to absorb the odours from pet urine or pet waste to reduce any lingering smell.

Compared to disposable pet pads, the smell of dog urine or dog waste can cause a lingering odour in your home even if you clear it away immediately. In addition, it is highly unsustainable due to the amount of waste created.

This infill can be disposed of and replaced with a new one – with GreenTurf assisting you with maintenance once every six months if required!

Only the Best Artificial Grass for Your Pets with GreenTurf!

At GreenTurf, we understand that your pets deserve the best. As such, we’ve engineered the perfect artificial turf for pets that is durable, long-lasting, and easy to clean.

Our GreenTurf Pooch Pen artificial grass is the perfect and easy toilet alternative for pets that every pet owner has been waiting for.

With a smell-absorbing infill installed below artificial turf, your synthetic turf will not have any unpleasant odour lingering on it no matter what.

You might be concerned about whether or not your pet will like the feel of a synthetic turf mat since it’s so accustomed to natural grass, but we can guarantee that your pet won’t even notice the difference with our highly realistic Pooch Pen synthetic grass.

We also built our synthetic grass to be of high quality and is incredibly comfortable to walk on, yet sturdy enough to withstand pets running and playing all day.

Do you want to give our Pooch Pen a try for yourself?

Request your free samples of our artificial turf for your yard today!

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