Four Things You Didn’t Know About Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is now such a commonly used outdoor floor covering and wall cladding, most people probably think they already know everything about this material.

Artificial grass from GreenTurf is durable and adheres to international safety standards.

But there are other interesting and unique features about artificial turf (or synthetic turf) that most people still don’t know. Here are four of them.

GreenTurf Artificial Grass Sound Insulator

  1. Great Sound Absorber

Artificial grass make great sound insulators. We’ve taken it one step further by adding sound absorption panels to make them perform even better at absorbing sound. This is a good solution for areas where there’s lots of noise from traffic, or in office lobbies where foot traffic makes it really uncomfortable on the ears.

GreenTurf Artificial Grass Rainwater pre harvesting

  1. Rainwater Harvesting Pre-Filter

Did you know that you can use GreenTurf artificial grass to harvest rainwater? Rain falling on artificial grass installed with a membrane is filtered and can be used for washing cars, watering the garden or even topping up the pool.

In today’s world where natural resources are depleting fast, this is a viable option in some places.

Greenturf Artificial Grass Fire Engine Hardstanding Flooring

  1. Fire Engine Hardstanding Area Flooring

Artificial turf can be used at fire engine hardstanding areas.

GreenTurf Artificial Grass Heat Insulator

  1. Cooling Properties

GreenTurf artificial grass is a very effective heat insulator. When used with the GreenTurf Cool Earth System, the cooling properties are enhanced to reduce room temperature and aircon bills. Check out more about the GreenTurf Cool Earth system here.